Gamble House get Emmy Nomination

Last year I had the opportunity to help some people I consider family with their little documentary.  Some are family, others feel like it because we have know each other so long.

What started with a simple “Hey, Greg could you take a look at this” ended with a collaboration to finish the film that I am proud to say that I was a part of.  It is a wonderful little film, fully deserving of the multiple broadcasts it received on PBS.

As it’s name would imply, this film Directed by Don Hahn, Produced by Lori Korngiebel centers on the classic home in Pasadena, CA that bears the same name.  This masterpiece in architecture and design is a like the largest, fine piece of furniture you could imagine setting foot into.  If you were the “Indian in the Cupboard”, this would simply be the best ‘cupboard’ you could design 🙂

One of the reasons that house is so unique comes down to the tremendous latitude in design that the builders were given from the Gamble family (as in Proctor and Gamble).  The architects (Greene and Greene) not only designed the home, but all of the furnishings, the glasswork, the lamps, the weave of the rugs…all using local talent and meticulously involved in every detail of their construction.

The final home, an amalgamation of the efforts of hundreds of people, results in a remarkable, singular vision of design and craftsmanship…much like the documentary.

Take a moment, please check out the website for the film at to learn more about the film, attend a screening or perhaps even catch it on PBS again in the near future.


Since the initial publish of this post, the film has received an LA Area Emmy nomination;

PBS Press Release –

TV Academy Press Release –


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