Lil’ Titans Music Video

Recently the good folks at WBA and I finished the first theatrical film to come out of Warner Bros. Animation in decades.

When it releases I will be doing an article on that experience, however suffice it to say that it was an exciting ride.

This said, one of the exciting things that has come alongside the feature production has been the marketing efforts.  On this show specifically has been some of the best marketing I have ever been involved in.  From an inventive contest at SXSW where members of the public were asked to record their best screams for a chance to be added into the films walla.

To members of the cast reading “mean tweets” in character.

To a music video that the supermely talented Teen Titans Go! crew produced for the rapper Lil Yachty

The movie has been great to work on.  I hope everyone enjoys it 🙂

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